Posted by: megshoeman | April 11, 2008

Good Morning.

This is my first post to this blog. I’ll tell you about the nature of this blog later. For now just read this, ok?
I believe in Jesus Christ in whom the whole fullness of deity dwells bodily,
Through whom all things were created
And in whom all flesh lives and moves and has its being.
I believe in Jesus Christ, the only Son of the Father sent to put right a beautiful creation torn apart and degraded by the barbed wire of the bitter grief that winds through the fabric of humanity.
I believe in Jesus Christ born of the virgin, Mary. I offer no defense of metaphors and neither do I sense any personal embarrassment around our confession of the virginal conception of the Lord by the Holy Spirit in actuality. The content of this phase of our confession might be a first clue to the difference of Christ Jesus the Lord as such: That is, Jesus is different! Not a god among others, he is with the Father and the Holy Spirit the singular living, reigning, active Lord of the universe.
I believe in Jesus Christ in whose name there is eternal life, healing and peace. Jesus proved the promise of life in his own person, saying “I am the way and the truth and the life.” Jesus restored many sick to health and he does so yet. And even to those who breathe their final prayers in twisted agony or the trouble of their loneliness, Jesus still speaks the promise of the ultimately sufficient peace which he is in his very person.
I believe in Jesus Christ who was crucified under Pontius Pilate, suffering the depths of human pain and grief on our behalf, and who having died and having been put away in a tomb, rose from death in an actual bodily resurrection, mastering with palpable force the power of death and evil that we should have life for sure and peace for good. In the waters of baptism, we share in his death and resurrection, hereby being given union with Christ for communion with the Father and the Holy Spirit in equal measure and perfect unity. I pray with great hope for the time when the churches will shake their embarrassment over the different reality of the work of God remarkably and awesomely displayed in the actuality of the resurrection. I pray too with great hope for the time when the churches will see baptism for the jaw- dropping reality it visibly signifies: that while we were filthy and foreign and fatherless, by the authoritative love of the Father and through the strength of personal bond of the Holy Spirit, the Lord Jesus took hold of us, claimed us and gave us the right to call his Father our own that even we should gain royal access to the many mansions on reserve and under preparation by the very Lord of life! And this is the truth I will preach.
I believe in Jesus Christ who descended into hell, never having been a stranger to the dreadful extent of our deformity. Well acquainted with the fear and absurdity that dog us in our human weakness, Jesus stared the same thing down and walked up and away from it.
Indeed I believe in Jesus Christ who ascended into heaven.
I believe in Jesus Christ whose judgment astounded every established religious authority confronted by its sheer power. I believe that Jesus will come again and that his judgment will be perfect light.
I believe in Jesus Christ who taught us how to pray. The same Christ prays for us.
I give thanks to God for his gracious conversion of my heart by the Comforter’s power to the confession of Jesus Christ as Lord truly. It is this same power which calls and strengthens the whole church to be in hope together the one body in service and expectation of the Lord.


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