Posted by: megshoeman | April 13, 2008

Well, What IS the Best Way to Insulate Myself, Grandma?

Today I visited one of my favorite congregations in presbytery. The hymns were mostly appropriate, the music was lovely, the spirit was warm, the sermon was well done. But suddenly-during the offertory to be exact- several people began to stir and leave. And even more suddenly the young lady who had been sitting opposite me all along, got up, came to me, looked me straight on in the eye and said “BYE BYE!” and she poked me in the arm with her finger!!! Poked me in the arm! I mean she really gave me a good one. In disbelief I rubbed my arm and thought for just a second, “Where the #@&% am I??” Then, as the well- done sermon was on Christian community, I thought of the writer of Hebrews and his advice that you just never know when you might be entertaining angels without knowing it. And I thought, “Hmm..perhaps this is the angel sent to teach me compassion for those struggling with madness.”



  1. That’s pretty funny. I can’t believe she hauled off and poked you. Did you know her, or was she just some random finger-poker?

  2. Frighteningly enough, a random finger- poker indeed. To be fair though, she did have a pleasant look on her face. :o)

  3. That is a funny story. I also find it amusing that you noticed people leave at the offertory. Did they stop to put money in the plate or did they just get the heck out?

  4. Bad news, Will. They hit the dust before the ushers even made it up the aisle.

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