Posted by: megshoeman | April 16, 2008

The Laziest Cat in the Shelter, Alert.

This past Thursday I met with a sub- committee of presbytery’s Committee on Ministry. I had requested my name be added to presbytery’s pulpit supply list. While some members of that sub- committee thought my statement of faith was overly christocentric, I thought I defended it well and that the meeting went really well. On Saturday I met the full committee and, sadly they voted against my request, reasoning for the most part that I came across as “low energy.” One member even told me that she couldn’t believe that I am somebody who graduated from seminary and passed the ords. Naturally I was confused and disappointed by this whole thing.

On a cheerful note, the whole turn got me to thinking of my best teacher and very dear brother in Christ, Andrew Purves. I especially thought of a sermon he gave at Fremont Presbyterian Church in California. The title is “Grabbed by the Scruff of the Spiritual Neck.” Though it is 26 minutes worth and I know that’s a long time when you’re fiddling around in the blogosphere, do take the time to use this link. It is Andrew’s good word to “low- energy” Christians- and aren’t we all sometimes? I would be surprised if you didn’t find it time well spent.

Now you’ll just have to take me by my word that I’ve passed the ords. But let the very fact that someone so low- energy as myself knows of this rather fiery guy (for a Presbyterian) serve as partial proof that I’ve graduated from seminary. Here’s the link. Andrew Purves on being \”Grabbed by the Scruff of the Spiritual Neck\”



  1. What happens next? can you actively search for a call yet?

  2. Well, Presbyfruit, I’m still on track. I need to fill in a Personal Information Form before I can seek a call. I’m going to meet with my advocate on Committee on Preparation for Ministry and hopefully I’ll be allowed to do the PIF. This is up to CPM, not COM.

  3. Hi Meg,

    This is an old post, but I just now came across your blog by looking at the page of posts with “Andrew Purves” tagged. I have a couple thoughts/reactions about what you experienced months ago:

    1.) How on earth could anyone accuse someone’s statement of CHRISTIAN faith to be overly christocentric???? That just makes no sense.

    2.) How on earth could anyone question that you were someone who passed the ords, especially on the grounds of being “low energy.” What does that have to do with anything???? Maybe you’re “low energy” because of having gone through the ords…. 🙂

    Sorry. Stories like this make my blood boil.

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