Posted by: megshoeman | April 17, 2008

Scrapple Ng Eggs With a Side of Keystone Ice***

Usually when exercising at the gym I try to avoid looking at the TVs, but last night a cute little biographical piece on Barack Obama caught my attention. It feautured pictures from his childhood to his days in Harvard and several people who’ve known him well were interviewed. All kinds of people-people from Hawaii, people from various parts of Africa, white people, black people.
Given the fast approach of the Pennsylvania primary, all these warm multicultural feelings made me think “Hmm..I think Hillary is going to win this one.” What really sealed it for me was that the married surname of Barack’s sister is Ng. Now I’m backward enough to admit that I don’t remember how to properly pronounce that one unless I’ve heard it in recent days, and I actually like diversity. The thing is, many folks round here don’t. Round here the things people really like are porn, gravy on their enormous “dinner plates” (aka serving platters), at least six bridesmaids, and wrap- around decorative decals to match the seasons on their mailboxes. Oh, wait a second..I sound just like Barack now, don’t I?
In any case I allow here for Pittsburgh and Philadelphia but I still think Barack will lose. I don’t like to make predictions and I’m not very smart politically anymore. Nevertheless there it is.
***For those who don’t know, Keystone Ice is a cheap, higher alcohol content beer label not known for its character. Round here I often see the faded packaging and crushed cans from this “beer” lying near the side of the roadways.



  1. Well, we will see if you’re right!

  2. I’m not usually right, Will! :o)

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