Posted by: megshoeman | April 18, 2008

My Very Best Girl

Racy Gracie is a wildly beautiful and wonderfully smart little “pit bull.” She’s like my mother, my baby sister, my girlfriend and my little baby daughter all rolled into one. In January she was scheduled to be humanely euthanized because of her tendency towards food aggression. She was granted a stay when I asked the shelter’s director of behavior if I could work with Gracie on her issues. Since then we’ve been together faithfully wrestling out of the setbacks with a good measure of hope.
RG graduated from the rehab program under my guidance, and moved onto the adoption floor some time in February but when she was re- evaluated she failed her test. Sadly she was moved back into isolation where we continued our work. She has been in ISO again since March, I think. This past Tuesday she was again re- evaluated. She failed but she improved since her last eval, which is encouraging.
Racy Gracie did very well when faced with her rehab activities yesterday. I was easily able to handle her food dish and touch her face and lips while she ate and I took all of her valuables (rawhides, toys, food, etc) away from her with no attempt on her part to “correct” me. A really joyful session.
In any case please do pray for Gracie and me. For me, calm and patience. For Gracie, trust and obedience.
You’ll note from her pictures my reason for naming her Racy Gracie. What a beauty, hmm?!
\"Ready to Learn, Ready to Eat!\"A Good Chew
“The poor man had nothing of his own except one little ewe lamb he had bought. He reared her, and she grew up in his home together with his children. She shared his food, drank from his cup, and nestled in his arms; she was like a daughter to him.” (2 Samuel 12.3)



  1. She’s really cute.

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