Posted by: megshoeman | May 12, 2008

The Wolf Hangs Out With the Lamb and the Stones Themselves SIng for Joy

So the other day I took my own little Hashbrown (dog girl) to work to meet my work dog, Racy Gracie. I had a colleague go into the pen with us in case there’d be any problems. And were there! Racy was sweet, happy and playful but Hashbrown was quite nervous. Gracie is bigger, she is exuberant compared to Hashbrown’s unassuming style and she does have big round eyes. Anyhoo, they sniffed around a bit then Hashbrown went slightly berserk. Racy maintained her calm, friendly demeanor while I had to seize Hashbrown by the scruff in order to avoid blood.
Since I want to adopt Racy when I get a call, this was a bad run. But the behavioral team agreed that I should just keep on with bringing Hashbrown to see Gracie and eventually it’ll probably work itself out. So yesterday Mom and I brought Hashbrown back. We just walked them on leash side- by- side and the girls looked actually quite content to be just walking along together. Slow and steady wins the big race, I guess. It was so sweet to see them walking along that way.
On another note, I haven’t been moved enough to underline or write in the margins since I was in school. But I got this really beautiful book yesterday, Why Birds Sing. The thesis is that maybe there’s something beyond the evolutionary root and biological necessity that leads birds to sing- maybe they do it too for the sheer joy of it. Here is a bit from that book:
“One of the questions that won’t go away is this: Can any explanation for beauty be satisfactory? Despite all we have uncovered about how evolution is able to produce marvelous bird songs through generations of slow transformation, no knowledge tempers our joy. No theory makes the music go away. Nature is always wonderful, however much or little you know about it.” (Why Birds Sing, XI)
Sometimes I shudder to think that pleasure might just be its own blessing- an end in itself- joy perhaps the most credible purpose of a beautiful God’s creative design. Hm.


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