Posted by: megshoeman | May 26, 2008

Dog Notes

Today I watched a beautiful collie named Nippy die. There was nothing more could be done for him. On Saturday an old dog with unusually pretty eyes was surrendered by his family. As is the standard, he was placed in ISO until we could figure out what to do for him. As I went to pass him, I noticed that his legs looked strange, sort of twisted behind his body, so I tried to tempt him to stand but he wouldn’t do it. He just barked. So I told the vet and I waited with him and spoke sweetly to him until some other people could help me get him into the next room.

This sort of thing reminds me that I’m not tough at all. I’m weak and I’m poor. And there’s no effect to make, there’s sort of nothing doing in the universe on my part. It’s not all bad–the consolation this sort of thing requires is closer than your next breath, isn’t he?  We’ve heard preachers say that, haven’t we? And I still believe it’s true but there’s a way of being hardpressed that’s soft instead of keen, almost like drowning but you wake up almost straightaway. There’s a sense in which every moment of beauty has its own life in this world, every moment of pain its own too and even after its subject has gone, that moment seems to wait in the air, and it waits like every other creature until the resurrection when with all things it gets made new. And there it is..that’s the consolation…the one who said “I am the resurrection and the life. I am the one who takes up everything you ever were and I am the one who hands it all back to the Father I am your only peace I am I am I am.” 

In other news, I took Racy Gracie to a lovely set of recreational trails near my home yesterday. She had a wonderful time, sort of ambling along, happy to stop and stare down at a pool or look out and wonder what on earth a goose might be. It was awesome.


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