Posted by: megshoeman | May 29, 2008

More Dog Notes

One of my favorite dogs in the shelter is a chunky little pit bull/ boxer type girl named Blue Baby. She’s been there probably almost as long as I have. Poor old Blue Baby–when she first came in she just sat still in her crate like a quiet little ghost. A beautiful ghost but not a peep. Then she became a hall dog. Hall dogs usually adopt out quickly but it wasn’t to be for Blue Baby. Instead she was moved to Med Screening for a couple of months because somebody thought she was pregnant. When that was determined to be false, she was moved back to the adoption floor, this time in a kennel.

The other day, the front desk called for Blue Baby to be brought up front. I happened to hear the call and, eager to introduce one of my favorite girls to a potential adopter, I rushed to bring her out. When I did, this lady fell on her knees and fell all over Blue Baby, telling her how pretty and sweet she was. Puzzled by this unusual level of potential adopter excitement, I asked, “Um, so did you all want to meet Blue Baby, or?”

After all this time, Blue Baby’s former owner happened to be looking through our website for a siamese cat or something and she paused over Blue Baby’s picture and said, “Oh my God–it’s our dog!”

So with the family photos and the kids whom Blue Baby clearly loves to prove it, old Blue Baby has finally been redeemed! And funnily enough, they had originally named her Blue Bell, calling her just Bell for short. Awesome day.

On the same day, a colleague and I took Racy Gracie out to play with her sister, Swiss. They got along very well and even spent some lovely calm moments together after romping around in turns. As RG usually does, she spilled a big container of water and Swiss relished rolling around in its coolness like a little pig. Beautiful day.


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