Posted by: megshoeman | June 5, 2008

Why Ask Why?

Last night I was asking somebody whether she could account for beauty. She said she could not. Could she account then, for pain? Not exactly, she said but she knows some logical causes of pain.

I was just thinking that at least one part of this question is easier for those among us who acknowledge the faith of Jesus Christ. That is to say, in the beginning the Word already was. The Word was with God, and what God was the Word was..and through him all things came to be; without him no created thing came into being. Jesus the Creator-Logos is the one to whom we turn to account for beauty. As light of the world, he is the source and measure of every shade of glory, every stroke of grace. What a blessing it is for us to know this.

Accounting for pain, on the other hand, feels often like some totally other matter, doesn’t it? If God our maker is saving love, then how is it that an old mother dies alone or that a baby elk lost by his mother staggers straight into a pack of hungry wolves? Hm. But again we turn to the one in whom all things hold together, don’t we? Whether we live or whether we die, we are the Lord’s. We know that, but still the nagging question of immediate origin, huh?

I’m personally very used to thinking now about the dark, strangling cord that winds its way through the fabric of a beautiful creation. But sometimes I wonder. So often the Bible (hey, that’s our prime witness!!) does personalize evil. Who are we, I sometimes just wonder, to sit in our classrooms and confidently throw out the notion of a cosmic battle? Of death in person?

Well, many have gone the way of Bultmann and Hick, questioning the incarnation of God truly in, through and as Jesus Christ. But still many of us “enlightened Christians” are still willing to confess God incarnate–or Life in person. Then why skip past the devil? Just wondering. Of course within a proper Reformed understanding, that cosmic battle has been already won. But to deny that there is a person who might wish to get in on a current piece of the action of the creaturely story is, well, perhaps after all, naive. Just saying.


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