Posted by: megshoeman | August 28, 2008

It’s Always Good to be Home, But Never Terribly Easy to Start Off

I’m preaching in my home congregation this Sunday and I’m happy about that–always such a gracious bunch. I trust I won’t have it always this easy! And I’m always only a little nervous on delivery. It’s the beginning to write that trips me. Like the guy in the story given by the lectionary, I always feel like I’m on approach to ground holier than I’m tough enough to tread.

So I pray and then I stall just a little (thanks, Blog!) and then we work it out.




  1. Blessings on your sermon! I found it strange preaching in my home congregation (I did so not long after I graduated Duke and right before I moved to England). I am sure you will do great!

  2. Good Luck, Meg!
    Once you get writing, I’m sure it will flow!

    Did you get my facebook message?

  3. How did it go yesterday?

  4. Thanks, Will–it is strange but happy too.
    Hey, Amy– thanks and I did get it–now to check that facebook again..hope to see you soon.
    Thanks for asking, Presby. It went very well, I think. I’ll post with all the terribly exciting details later.

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