Posted by: megshoeman | September 30, 2008

Church Updates

I never, ever call off work but I am ill today–I think I’ve caught a flu or something.  So I’ve called out sick, and I’m thinking there’s no better time to finally blog down what I’ve been meaning to for several weeks.

I had the annual consultation with my Committee on Preparation for Ministry in August. It went very well. I remember being there with a sense of gratitude and joy the whole time. My CPM advocate and I had one late night consultation (during which he looked over my PIF) and one regular morning consultation. He thought that the PIF looked strong overall and suggested some changes (no male pronouns for God, structure of some of the narrative answers, etc.) and we agreed to circulate it to some friends for feedback. I’m just getting some of that feedback and nobody has suggested any major changes, so I feel good about my PIF.

The morning session was productive as well. My advocate noted that he thought I was really claiming my pastoral authority–how about that?–and I agreed. Really, things seem to be falling into line in a way that make God’s blessings clear. We agreed that I should go before CPM for final examination to be certified ready to receive a call 9 October!!!

That’s a big deal within the process. I’ll have a meeting with CPM in which they’ll be free to ask me questions regarding my final statement of faith, etc and I’ll preach a sermon while we’re at it. For the sermon, I won’t deviate from my custom of preaching from the lectionary. That Sunday’s readings include Exodus 32.1-14 and Matthew 22.1-14, and I’m excited about digging into these.

I feel pretty good about this upcoming meeting and I’m glad the day is finally fast approaching, but I am (as humans are wont to be in these situations) a little nervous! And I would covet all the prayers I can get. If all goes well 9 October, I should be allowed to circulate my PIF and seek a call.


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