Posted by: megshoeman | October 1, 2008

Cooking the Chicken Just to Spare the Chicken???

I’m no radical, I guess. Never voted outside the mainline, haven’t killed my TV, still drive a car. I’m not even down with the indie rock thing or whatever…I listen to Clapton while I’m doing my work. I’ve never sent a pledge to PETA but I stand firm in my approval of most of their films for particularly privileged audiences. So I was really lukewarm… I’ve neither loved nor hated the much despised organization…UNTIL I found out their official position on “pit bull” bans. PETA supports pit bull bans!!! Their qualified position is that bans protect these dogs so frequently and so badly abused. 

Next time you think you’ll dog PETA for being a bunch of wacky radicals, wait. Dog it instead for being just another empty-headed tag-along on the system. PETA advocates essentially finally obliterating a whole group of dogs (!!!)  that it, like the other fear- propagating lobbies, doesn’t understand. And under the guise of protection no less. I am discouraged to say the least, by the dull, elitist reaction of PETA on this matter. The lack of thoughtfulness in this case should be found more disgusting than any of their films.

If PETA  wants to protect “pit bull” type dogs, it will need to reconsider the meaning of protection. Eradication is never protection. Protection involves increasing understanding and respect no matter how difficult the process. Protection’s only proper vehicle is an active love that confronts obstacles with a bold spirit of friendship and unrelenting care. PETA is right to say that breeding should be regulated and monitored closely, but to finally ban the dog’s existence is to declare her abusers just, and the dog of no value in her own right after all.


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