Posted by: megshoeman | February 16, 2009

Burning All My favorite Things # 1

My uncle died in January, I was good enough for doing the funeral. Key committee people don’t answer my emails, and I’m still limping along. Hanging out with good, good dogs…doing away with a few good, good dogs (go on ahead for your last reward, Fuzzy, Majesty and Pax Charles) Good boy, Mojoe. Good, good fight.
The new Springsteen album is so beautiful that once it’s played through you’re right away impatient for 14 more songs like it…Gorgeous record to shovel shit to…makes you feel simultaneously stronger than you are and weaker than you would’ve had to become. Good spin.
Emmylou Harris leaves me speechless generally. The new spin makes you want to drink yourself into next Sunday just for heaven’s sake. And you doubt heaven and hell’s dull next to this and you think of everything you ever had and you know it was so sweet, a lot of it and you wait around for it but it never came around at all.



  1. Belated condolences on the loss of your uncle. And shame on those COM’ers (or whatever the hell you call them) for leaving you twisting in the wind.

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