Posted by: megshoeman | May 10, 2009

My Friend Squeaks

I walked the Humane Society’s 5K fundraiser (though I didn’t raise any funds :/) with my pal, Squeaks. Squeaks is a black Pittie mix with a heart of gold. Sad story: he takes his name from the time we gave him a parvo test and he made squeaky sounds when we stuck him in the business area of his backside with a Q-tip…poor Squeaks. I’m thinking of renaming him, something a titch more dignified. In any case, Squeaks had a glorious day. Free from the dark kennel walls for a few hours, he pulled me all over hell in fits and starts, stopping here and there now and then at the water stations and taking more than his share of rolls through the nice cool grass. Awesome day, good boy.



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